Moscato d'Asti d.o.c.g.

Technical data
Property Description
Growing location: Castiglione Tinella.
Grape: White muscatel.
Colour: straw or golden yellow of varying intensity.
Bouquet: fragrant, of muscatel grapes.
Taste: sweet, aromatic, distinctive.
Minimum overall strength: 11% vol. 5,5% of which converted.
Minimum ageing: not laid down.
Tasting temperature: 6-8°C.


Sweet, aromatic and fragrant, this is the white party wine for accompanying important moments with good cheer. It takes its special characteristics from the Muscat grapes that, in leaving their mark, cater perfectly for any time of day.

Origins and production

The golden bunches that are used to produce this wine are grown in the company's own vineyards on the hills of Castiglione Tinella. Pressing yields up a clear, sweet must that is fermented at a low temperature (14-15°C.) until an alcoholic strength of 5.5% is reached. The fermentation is halted by a drastic lowering of the temperature, and at the same pressure conditions the wine is bottled and marketed between the end of November and the beginning of December. Further lots of must stored at a low temperature undergo the same production process during the year to make sure that the Moscato d'Asti is always freshly produced when it is sold.


Golden-yellow, with a delicately aromatic nose derived from the grape and capable of bringing to mind musk, acacia flowers, roses and yellow peaches; an aromatic flavour, enlivened by an acidity that does all it can to prevail.


Moscato d'Asti is best served at 6-8°C. in a low, wide-bowled glass with desserts, but it is also fine as a mid-afternoon thirst-quencher or as a slightly unusual aperitif.


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