Asti Cesare d.o.c.g.

Technical data
Property Description
Growing location: Castiglione Tinella.
Grape-variety: Moscato bianco.
Colour: from straw yellow to very soft golden yellow.
Bouquet: very marked, delicate aroma of muscat grapes.
Taste: characteristic aromatic flavour of moscato; delicately sweet, well-balanced.
Alcohol content: potential 12% by vol.; actual min. 7%, max. 9.5%.
Ageing: not required by law; best served young.
Serving temperature: 6-8°C.


In honour of father Cesare, and of an earlier generation of moscato experts, the old glory of what was once known as "Moscato Champagne" is recaptured thirty years on in ASTI CESARE, an Asti Spumante inspired by the great master sparkling wine producers who made this wine celebrated throughout the world.

This is a return to tradition and the classic method of producing sparkling wines: primary fermentation in tanks, followed by a secondary fermentation in the bottle, with dégorgement to eliminate the sediment before corking. It has an intense, nicely musky nose, brought out to the full by the fragrance and delicacy of its taste that conjures up the ripe grapes. An appealingly sweet sensation is reinforced by a luscious flavour. The very fine bubbles that linger in the glass are an irresistible invitation to make a toast.

Serve in goblets at a temperature of 6-8°C.


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