Cà du Ciuvin is not so much a landed estate as a company that selects its vineyards and their yield, continuing Sergio and Marinella the "search for sound origin": a requirement that focuses on the position, exposure, age and attention dedicated to growing in the vineyard. Then, when the grapes have been turned into wine, it is again time to assess, select and decide on the best products: on tasting, only the lots of impeccable quality will be bottled and marketed under the company's name. In all, just a few dozen thousand bottles that take the quality of the "Cà du Ciuvin" brand wines throughout the world; a quality that is rewarded by many endorsements in the competitions the company takes part in (among others, the Douja d'Or Oscar for Moscato d'Asti in 1988 and, more recently, the Douja d'Or in 1992, again for Moscato d'Asti), but that is above-all rewarded by the consumers who have come to appreciate, and have no longer wished to forgo, the appeal of these wines.