Cerutti Brut Metodo Classico

Technical data
Property Description
Growing location: Santo Stefano Belbo.
Grape: 50% Pinot nero and 50% Chardonnay.
Colour: straw yellow.
Bouquet: fruity with taste that remember leaven, bread crust and vanille.
Taste: dry, sapid, good structured.
Minimum overall strength: 12% vol.
Minimum ageing: not laid down.
Tasting temperature: 6-8°C.


The Classical Method of refermentation in the bottle produces a dry sparkling wine with prestigious properties that deserves to feature in the celebration of important events, at whatever time of day.

Origins and production

The selected Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes vinified in the winery to produce the base wines make up 60% and 40% respectively of the cuvée. Following the "tirage" (bottling), the wine ferments in the bottle and is stored and matured for at least 2 years in contact with the yeasts. Following "dégorgement" after 24 months to remove the yeast deposits and topping up with the same wine, Cerutti Brut is put on sale after having been left to stand for a further thirty days.
4,500 bottles are produced on average each year.


Its tasting characteristics are quite splendid: a marked straw-yellow colour, with a fine, uninterrupted perlage and delicate, lasting foam; a full nose, based on distant fruity reminiscences and made even more charming by clean-cut evolutive aromas featuring bread crusts and yeast; a full-bodied, lively flavour with good acidity and excellent persistence.


Served in crystal flûtes or tulip glasses at 6-8°C., Cerutti Brut goes well throughout a meal. It is also excellent as an aperitif or for celebratory toasts during the day.


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