Cerutti Luva
Mosto parzialmente fermentato non frizzante

Technical data
Property Description
Growing location: Castiglione Tinella.
Grape: Moscato bianco.
Colour: pale golden-yellow with slight greenish highlights.
Bouquet: delicate, aromatic.
Taste: sweet and intense, yet fragrant.
Minimum overall strength: maximum 2,5% vol.
Minimum ageing: not laid down.
Tasting temperature: 6-8°C.


A curious, special product made by selecting grapes from old Muscat vineyards and partially fermenting the must to an alcohol content of only 2%.

Origins and production

This wine is produced using bunches of Moscato grapes from certain old vineyards in Castiglione Tinella, and the finished product remains very close to the characteristics of the grape. After soft pressing of the grapes, the must undergoes a brief spontaneous fermentation which is slowed down by lowering the temperature; subsequent filtrations make it possible to maintain the sweetness of this highly agreeable grape-juice.
Bottling is carried out repeatedly in small quantities shortly before going on sale, and annual production is around 6,000 half-bottles.


Pale golden-yellow with slight greenish highlights; a delicate, aromatic nose straight from the grape; sweet and intense, yet fragrant flavour, with pleasant, lasting aftertaste.


Sweet and fragrant as it is, LUVA should be served with delicate sweets or dry cakes at a low temperature (6-8°C.) in wide tulip-shaped glasses. An unusual idea is to serve this wine with very mature or green mould streaked cheeses, but it is also a pleasing aperitif and can be a fine thirst-quencher at any time of day.