Dolcetto d'Alba d.o.c.

Technical data
Property Description
Growing location: Treiso.
Grape: Dolcetto.
Colour: ruby red tending sometimes towards violet.
Bouquet: vinous, pleasant, distinctive.
Taste: dry, pleasantly bitter, moderate acidity, good body, harmonious.
Minimum overall strength: 12,5% vol.
Ageing: 3-4 anni.
Tasting temperature: 16-18°.


The young wine par excellence on the hills of the Langhe and Upper Monferrato is effectively provided here with a pleasing, outstanding character in a model of what the Dolcetto vine is capable of producing.

Origins and production

Sergio Cerutti selects his Dolcetto - a vine, and a wine, with deep roots in the hills and their inhabitants - at Treiso, in the heart of the Langa. Soft pressing eliminates the stems and is followed by fermentation of the must in contact with the skins at a constant temperature (22°C.) for 6-7 days. After racking, the wine is matured in large tanks for 7-8 months, and is then bottled and aged in the cellars for 5-6 months before reaching the consumer.
Each year Cà du Ciuvin produces 3,000 bottles.


Its fragrant tones are already evident in its colour: an impeccable ruby-red, made younger by violet highlights. Its fruity, intense nose features marasca cherries, followed by plums and apples. It has a dry, full-bodied, flavoursome taste with an aftertaste recalling bitter almonds.


Full, round-bowled tulip glasses are ideal for appreciating Dolcetto d'Alba's qualities at a temperature of 16-18°C. This wine goes well throughout a meal, although it is at its very best with starters and first courses.


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